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Cable Culture A Review

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Sooth Group: Members  Joined: 18th Jul, 2007  Topic: 303  Post: 1937  Age:   
Posted on:12th Aug 2008, 8:17am

Cable Culture A Review

Cable Culture A Review

Aaj kal cable television her ghar me common hai.nearly her ghar me cable connection hai kuin kea b VCR aur dish antenna obsolete han.cable sub ke liay entertainment provide kerta hai like new channels father ke dad ke liay,cartoons kids ke liay,dramas mom ke liay.tu es se sub hi happy hottay hen but koi bhi es ke draw backs ko nahi soochta.aik aur important fact ye hai k eke ye cheap hai aur e ski cost sirf RS200 se RS300 per month hai,jo ke almost her koi afford ker sakta hai.

Ye sub ko CDs aur cassettes laanay aur un ko time per return kernay ke hassle se bhi save rakhta cable operators ke apnay channels bhi hottay hen jidher ye latest movies bhi dekhatay hen but ye sirf dekhatay nahi hen saath me pooray week ke liay unhain continuously repeat kertay hen so that her koi in ko dekh lay.wo jo itnay old hen ke apnay future ke baray me sooch saktay hen,khud ko cable ki es magnetic force se control me rakhtay hen,but kids ke baray me kya?,wo tu apnay exams ki bhi care nahi kertay,wo study ki jagga tv set ke aagay time spend ker ke enjoy kertay ke result me un ka poora time waste jaata hai.

Es ke baray me soochain!

Ager cable na ho tu,people apna time zyada usefully spend kerain like prayer offer kerna,study,exercise ya phir kuch aur ka aam torr per children per bad impact hotta hai,kuch parants proud fel kertay hen ke un ki daughters channel per dekhnay wali actress ki tara dance kerti hen.America aur England jaisay countries me ye dekha gaya hai ke parants ka apnay children per zyada control hai,like wo apnay children ko fix time per study aur sleep keratay hen aur un ko sirf aisi movies,cartoons ya programs dekhnay daitay hen jo un ki age ke liay suitable hoon.

Jaisay hi ye cable culture prevail ho raha hai zyada se zyada people attract ho rahay hen,even newborn child apni eyes filmi world ke samnay open kerta hai aur jaisay hi wo grow kerta hai wo day aur night ye wish kerta hai ke wo aik din star bunnay ga.sirf ye nahi ke young generation cable culture se spoil ho rahi hai,saath me un ki health bhi,jo ke day by day kheraab hotti ja rahi jaisay hi children school se ghar aatay hen,pelha qaam jo wo kertay hen wo different channels change ker ke ye check kerna hotta hai ke kon si film es time chal rahi hai.wo kitnay hours television se glued rahtay hen jab ke time per na khaatay hen aur na sootay un ki growth aur development ko adversely affect kerta hai.aur day ke end per kya hotta hai ke wo child itna tired ho jaata hai ke binna homework complete kiay soo jaata hai.

Humari society me ye cable culture web ki tara prevail ker raha hai jo ke humari social aur moral values ko disrupt aur violence aur vulgarity ko spread ker raha hai.main soochti honk e ye cable culture koi able culture nahi hai!


ozone Group: Members  Joined: 19th Jun, 2008  Topic: 26  Post: 1412  Age:   
Posted on:12th Aug 2008, 8:48am

RE : Sooth Aunty

Aap ki soch bohat zabardast hey but problem ye hey key aaj kal cable k baghair kisi ka bhi guzara nahi hay...
laikin ess ka hal cable ko totaly tor par khatam karna nahi balkey koi aisa system hona chahiye k log apni marzi k sath channels rakhwa sakein e.g. India mein aik service start ki gayi hey uss mein aap apni marzi k channels dekh saktey hein jo channels aap nahi dekhna chahtey un ko aap band kar saktey ho Laikin Pak mein aisa nahi hey yahan par sare channels aatey hein cable par aur unhain roka nahin ja sakta
ess liye cable operators ko chahiye k wo koi aisa system banaye k log apni marzi sey wo channels order karein jo wo dekhna chahtey hein.
goodman Group: Members  Joined: 11th Oct, 2007  Topic: 66  Post: 7815  Age:  36  
Posted on:12th Aug 2008, 10:14am

Noble Calture

sooth sister i appricate you.This is good possitive article....

Cable is not suitable for the Pakistan Society.Because Pakistan calture have respected manner and attitudes between father and daughter ,brother and sister etc....So as you mention in your thread that it is prevaling in our society this calture changed our minds.And sooth sister as you think it is not able calture...I think it has become Noble Calture of Our society....

I think if our society can not live without cable then we must use Filteraztion on these channels and stop those channels who spread obscenity.

Other wise our society will touch very soon Hindu Calture...

Wait for your possitive comments by sooth sister and all othermembers also...



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