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Male Virginity: Can It Be Detected?

Post: 41
view: 10075723
faisee Thursday, 28th September 2017, 4:15am
by Faizi.Bhai

Sex Timings: Why They Are More In Adult Movies?

Post: 61
view: 10074371
aliali Thursday, 29th December 2016, 11:44pm
by Moin_ali

Underwear: Is there any harm if I sleep with underwear?

Post: 38
view: 10074362
Tehseen Sunday, 23rd December 2012, 7:18pm
by furqan ch

Can We Change Sex Orientation?

Post: 9
view: 10073599
sadyy Tuesday, 10th September 2013, 10:02pm
by seeker22

I Have No Beard At 25: What The Reason Behind It?

Post: 14
view: 10073795
jamil Thursday, 28th September 2017, 4:15am
by Faizi.Bhai

I Am Going To Marry But I Facing Erection Problem.

Post: 60
view: 10073827
KamJilani Friday, 15th April 2016, 8:18am
by xabassum

Unmarried Boys Erection Problem

Post: 49
view: 10074945
KamJilani Sunday, 7th January 2018, 12:59pm
by Sheikh wah

I Want To Be A Girl

Post: 16
view: 10073668
crazyboy Sunday, 6th December 2015, 1:04pm
by Muhammad Mizfaar

I Am Impotent Feel No Erection

Post: 7
view: 10073595
robust Friday, 11th September 2015, 2:51pm
by masood450

How Can I Check My Potency

Post: 9
view: 10073650
geezumeezu Tuesday, 25th September 2012, 1:43pm
by saad_khan

About Sex And Semen?

Post: 14
view: 10073619
orion_313 Wednesday, 28th August 2013, 5:01pm
by blue4567

How Can I Get Rid Of My Sex Thought?

Post: 16
view: 10073597
TRUST Tuesday, 30th August 2011, 9:24pm
by alkho

Multiple Sex Problem: How can I Solve It?

Post: 14
view: 10073585
sohail86 Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 11:02pm
by Saqibimran

Which Medicine Delay Semen Discharge?

Post: 16
view: 10073729
talha Sunday, 11th January 2015, 1:31pm
by lincin

Sex Power Needed?

Post: 10
view: 10073634
r4s_2007 Thursday, 5th January 2017, 1:36pm
by Moin_Butt

I am Going to Marry: Please give suggestion

Post: 17
view: 10073599
fardin Wednesday, 22nd July 2015, 2:14pm
by sultanhola

Prolong Erection Problem

Post: 4
view: 10073584
faisee Friday, 3rd June 2011, 7:41pm
by diesel

Premature Ejaculation During Masturbation (Hand Practice) Early Discharge During Sexual Intercourse

Post: 11
view: 10074146
kashif ali Tuesday, 14th July 2015, 11:00pm
by azaaeee

My Soles & Trousers Goes Wet

Post: 2
view: 10073518
Saturday, 12th May 2007, 6:46am
by Kali Zuban

Why I Discharge On Massaging Hairs By Some Body?

Post: 3
view: 10073557
cruisermin Friday, 18th May 2007, 4:25pm
by Bewaqoof

I Am Very Weak: Tell Me The Solution

Post: 9
view: 10073834
hussain Thursday, 28th September 2017, 4:18am
by Faizi.Bhai

Sexual Stimulation While Talking With Females

Post: 12
view: 10073575
Tuesday, 27th November 2012, 4:11pm
by goodman

Peshab ke bad Drops: Please Help Me

Post: 10
view: 10075205
sheron Monday, 19th December 2011, 1:47pm
by Muhammad Atif

fetishism: Want To Ask Some Thing About fetishism

Post: 3
view: 10073576
kalobaba Thursday, 24th May 2007, 6:22pm
by khan_80

Pustules Beneath The Penis: What Is The Treatment?

Post: 2
view: 10073550
moazam Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 5:12pm
by khan_80

I Am Not Able To Marry: Please Help Me

Post: 11
view: 10074520
rizwanab Monday, 2nd October 2017, 7:37pm
by mohd falak

How To Gain Weight And Sex Appeal

Post: 4
view: 10073569
me Saturday, 17th December 2011, 2:45pm
by Muhammad Atif

Bad Smell From Private Part: How Does It Removed?

Post: 5
view: 10073612
bigbro Thursday, 4th December 2014, 5:52am
by banten

Smell Of Sperms From Mouth

Post: 8
view: 10073622
desihotguy Sunday, 31st July 2011, 9:14am
by Iqra_alone

How To Reduce My Urge For Sex?

Post: 2
view: 10073567
sario Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 5:50pm
by khan_80

Hair On Chest: How Can I Increase It?

Post: 5
view: 10073563
adam84 Monday, 16th July 2007, 8:47pm
by Kali Zuban

Drops After Passing Urine: What Is The Treatement?

Post: 10
view: 10074067
usamaaaaaa Thursday, 29th June 2017, 6:49pm
by bushra2012

Electric Trimmer Or Clipper For Removing Excessive Men Body Hair

Post: 3
view: 10073541
Ok_MAN Thursday, 25th June 2009, 9:18am
by Sherdil

Diet For Increase In Sexual Power

Post: 6
view: 10075286
mushwani Monday, 13th December 2010, 10:13am
by mobeen ali

Olive Oil Massage On Penis: Please Tell Me The Procedure

Post: 4
view: 10073701
mushwani Saturday, 21st December 2013, 8:08pm
by avanza

Drops After Micturation: What Should I Do?

Post: 4
view: 10073545
peace full Thursday, 18th March 2010, 3:31pm
by Doctor K K

Groin And Testes Order Like Semen: What Can I Do?

Post: 2
view: 10073545
shah Tuesday, 31st July 2007, 3:52pm
by khan_80

Falling Of Drops After Urine: What Is The Treatment

Post: 3
view: 10073568
m_a75668 Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 12:38pm
by walli shk

Drops Of Semen After Passing Urine

Post: 4
view: 10073565
talha3633 Friday, 29th January 2016, 3:15am
by fizan5

Liquid Drops From Penis After Getting Rid Of Masturbation:

Post: 17
view: 10074078
faisal333 Friday, 8th September 2017, 1:48am
by Hamzaijaz

Spermatorrhoea, Nocturnal Emissions, Premature Ejaculation: Please Give Treatment

Post: 4
view: 10073632
madeel Monday, 13th August 2007, 4:53am
by khan_80

Tila: Can I Use It?

Post: 9
view: 10073636
saboor Sunday, 20th April 2014, 6:08am
by shazad 008

Height: How It Can Be Increased?

Post: 3
view: 10073557
Arif Wednesday, 15th August 2007, 6:44am
by kim84

Foul Smelling Liquid From Penis: What Is The Treatment?

Post: 2
view: 10073582
bach104 Wednesday, 15th August 2007, 3:06pm
by Kali Zuban

Anxiety: While Talking To Girls

Post: 14
view: 10073590
Wednesday, 5th March 2014, 4:51pm
by haji348

Semen Discharge: How Can I Control It?

Post: 11
view: 10073585
rashid123 Tuesday, 11th October 2011, 8:50pm
by majorAli

Penis Size: How It Can Be Enlarged?

Post: 21
view: 10073699
alen Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 9:47pm
by k.k.r

Ejaculation While Watching Porn Movies

Post: 19
view: 10074089
coolsfire Saturday, 25th August 2007, 3:02am
by khan_80

No Body Is Replying My Question

Post: 6
view: 10073689
saboor Thursday, 28th September 2017, 4:20am
by Faizi.Bhai

Beard Size

Post: 6
view: 10073587
SyedNajaf Saturday, 1st March 2014, 12:48pm
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