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Hips Bohat Baray Hain. Kia Krun?

Post: 12
view: 10073675
humanclay1 Saturday, 15th June 2013, 6:47am
by alee_nice

Clarkson Ke Unwanted Hair Kahan Say Kahan Tak?

Post: 8
view: 10073556
Sana2210 Saturday, 8th June 2013, 2:49am
by newidsdr

Physical Relationship Before Marriage

Post: 10
view: 10073700
Chameli Friday, 21st June 2013, 11:52pm
by Chameli

Islamically Couzin Say Shaadi Krna Kesa Hai?

Post: 12
view: 10073627
ejaz1991 Saturday, 15th February 2014, 7:15pm
by love000x

Pani Ki Thailiyan

Post: 3
view: 10073551 Sunday, 22nd December 2013, 9:24am
by shahbaz555

Age Difference Are Suitable Or Not?

Post: 11
view: 10073612
hayadar Wednesday, 20th May 2015, 2:44pm
by Bewaqoof

Ma Muhabat Kerti Hun Kisi Say

Post: 26
view: 10073633
kaachi Tuesday, 9th July 2013, 7:35pm
by Arif_1

Periods K Dinon Ma Shadi Date Fix Hosakti Hai?

Post: 3
view: 10073568
Afzaltareq Wednesday, 3rd July 2013, 4:14am
by Einstein

Pilvis And Vagina Pain

Post: 9
view: 10073626
Hayashah Sunday, 5th January 2014, 8:53am
by punk doll

Endometriotic Cyst.Plz Consult

Post: 5
view: 10073543
Zoha23 Monday, 12th August 2013, 4:02pm
by psychdoc

Under Arm Wax

Post: 2
view: 10073591
chulbuli Saturday, 3rd August 2013, 9:58pm
by ubaidshaik

Meri Peeth Aur Gardan Mein Pain Hota Hai

Post: 8
view: 10073697
shakira Tuesday, 20th August 2013, 6:30am
by mona.ali

How To Increase Weight

Post: 3
view: 10073550
sidra1 Friday, 16th August 2013, 9:25pm
by Bint hawa

Girls Problem: Meri Shaadi Hone Wali Hai

Post: 18
view: 10073675
kaachi Tuesday, 2nd September 2014, 8:30pm
by afridi2

Pelvis Report

Post: 2
view: 10073543
aqsa. Thursday, 24th July 2014, 10:29am
by aqsa.

Bad Habit In Cousin

Post: 4
view: 10073561
shamshaad Tuesday, 20th August 2013, 6:16am
by mona.ali

Unmarried Girls Excessive Desire Of Sex

Post: 7
view: 10073698
Aqsaa Saturday, 24th August 2013, 1:25am
by bilal0345

Female Ehtelam: Kia Larko Ki Tarah Larkio Ko Bhi Ehtelam Hota Hai?

Post: 2
view: 10074421
Amberj Friday, 30th August 2013, 4:01am
by myrizvi

Swear Back Bone Pain At Young Age.

Post: 3
view: 10073535
meaw2012 Sunday, 8th September 2013, 4:29pm
by baba007

Height Problem

Post: 16
view: 10073610
Amal Ali Sunday, 8th September 2013, 4:14pm
by baba007

Hair Fall Please Help

Post: 2
view: 10073535
Shbaz khan Saturday, 7th September 2013, 2:41am
by Guide

Sex Tablet Hoti Hai Kia?

Post: 8
view: 10075260
sumaira423 Thursday, 26th September 2013, 8:11am
by okashaha

How To Decrease Sex Desire

Post: 6
view: 10073547
naeemae Tuesday, 8th October 2013, 6:36pm
by theendis

Jismani Tauqat Increase

Post: 5
view: 10073549
shahid72462 Wednesday, 3rd September 2014, 10:12am
by shani09

Skene Gland Issue

Post: 2
view: 10073544
irfan shak Monday, 23rd September 2013, 6:34am
by Guide


Post: 2
view: 10073541
saraahmad Tuesday, 24th September 2013, 1:33am
by saraahmad

Sex Power Medicine Use

Post: 3
view: 10073563
rifat Friday, 27th September 2013, 3:35pm
by shahbaz555

Rectal Discharge

Post: 9
view: 10073541
alina77 Thursday, 3rd October 2013, 11:11pm
by Khajjak

No Sex Feelings

Post: 13
view: 10073563
headgirl Wednesday, 2nd October 2013, 5:09am
by naji70

Ehtelam Kesay Hota Hai Ladkio Ka?

Post: 6
view: 10073598
zareenfarh Monday, 7th October 2013, 2:09pm
by roselover

Mani Kharijh Bohat Hoti hai

Post: 2
view: 10073541
Faizkhanza Thursday, 3rd October 2013, 10:01am
by Khajjak

Why I Am Not Interested In Boys?

Post: 11
view: 10073583
AnonymousS Saturday, 9th November 2013, 8:15pm
by Near2Heart

Weight Lose Issue

Post: 4
view: 10073542
afrooz11 Sunday, 17th November 2013, 1:16pm
by Maria B

Mera Hole Bra Ho Gayaa Hai Yahotnes Hai

Post: 10
view: 10073561
zoya sheik Monday, 11th November 2013, 10:17am
by nooriee

Vagina Kay Bal Saf Kerna Zaruri Hai?

Post: 10
view: 10073648
ansu k Wednesday, 13th November 2013, 4:37am
by Gone123

Urine Pass K Doran Jalan

Post: 4
view: 10073544
sakinanoor Friday, 8th November 2013, 9:48am
by Gone123

Attractive Lag Nay Ke Lye Kya Karoon?

Post: 11
view: 10073659
sidra awan Friday, 22nd November 2013, 3:59am
by lovedangue

Pain In Brust

Post: 6
view: 10073543
honey_ta Wednesday, 11th December 2013, 5:49pm
by honey_ta

Itching On Vulva

Post: 5
view: 10073541
Nenaa1 Tuesday, 10th December 2013, 8:30am
by hamsafar89

Shaadi Ka Imkan Nahi - Jinsi Zarooriat Jaiz Tariqa Se Kaisay Poori Karoon?

Post: 11
view: 10080904
gmuslimah Tuesday, 24th December 2013, 11:32pm

Sexy Movie Daikh Kr Hot Hojati Thee Ab Ni Hoti

Post: 13
view: 10073643
shafinoree Saturday, 21st December 2013, 3:51am
by lovedangue

Chin Mei Daney Kyon Nikaltay Hain?

Post: 4
view: 10073535
mmumm Friday, 3rd October 2014, 4:58pm
by mmumm

Pain In Ovary

Post: 14
view: 10073608
Gul malika Wednesday, 11th March 2015, 2:51pm
by dr.huma

Mere Naaf Wali Jagah Pain Hota Hai

Post: 4
view: 10073620
hadiiiiaa Sunday, 22nd March 2015, 2:19pm

Arousal After First Time Porn Feeling Uncomfortable

Post: 11
view: 10073679
alina sidd Saturday, 25th April 2015, 1:51pm
by Ali30i

Mother banay ka masla - Female Victim Of Child Rape

Post: 6
view: 10073561
leo321415 Wednesday, 20th May 2015, 5:49am
by sagar ali

Girl Friend Ka Mani Problem

Post: 4
view: 10073692
IMTIYAZ Monday, 18th May 2015, 9:04pm
by msawans

Mera Breast Nipple Shape Sahi Nahi Hai

Post: 19
view: 10073724
sarasajad Friday, 5th June 2015, 7:09pm
by Shahbaz J

Can Baby Born Without Uterus

Post: 5
view: 10073563
kanwal ali Friday, 5th June 2015, 3:43am
by myrizvi
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