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Urdu Poetry: Kaha Gaye Woh Din?

Post: 11
view: 41405
Bewaqoof Wednesday, 27th August 2008, 9:52pm
by Sami144

Funny Urdu Quotes

Post: 6
view: 69225
k_shumail Monday, 13th August 2007, 1:41pm
by k_shumail

Poetry: Meri Maa

Post: 4
view: 40109
peace full Monday, 13th August 2007, 8:46am

Yeh University Ki Larkian

Post: 8
view: 39070
peace full Thursday, 22nd October 2009, 4:43am
by saahilbhai

Na Chemistry Hoti Na Love Hota

Post: 7
view: 39097
peace full Tuesday, 13th July 2010, 2:28pm
by Diplomate

Urdu Poetry: Mujhe Tum Se Mohabbat Hai !!!

Post: 22
view: 58691
khoobsurat Wednesday, 15th August 2007, 8:46pm
by Ugly-Sana

Urdu Poetry: Aaj Yaad Bohot Tum Aae Ho

Post: 20
view: 42201
khoobsurat Saturday, 18th August 2007, 6:09am
by kim84

Ik Hindu Ki Faryad Musalman K Naam

Post: 31
view: 49499
kim84 Thursday, 16th August 2007, 9:20am
by kim84

Urdu Poetry Selected By Kim84

Post: 12
view: 38194
kim84 Wednesday, 20th April 2011, 6:46am
by abbaas

Meri Pasand: Bat Nikle Ge To Dur Tak Jai Gi

Post: 15
view: 39403
faisee Wednesday, 15th August 2007, 8:40pm
by Ugly-Sana

Aaj Ki Aurat Hoon Mai !!!

Post: 12
view: 39316
khoobsurat Sunday, 23rd August 2009, 9:57pm
by sunehri76

Urdu Poetry: Kuch Aisi Bekhudi Hai Hamain Intezaar Ki

Post: 5
view: 40745
Bewaqoof Tuesday, 21st August 2007, 1:31pm
by Ugly-Sana

Meri Mohabbat Haar Gai!

Post: 23
view: 50912
khoobsurat Monday, 20th August 2007, 3:08pm
by Ugly-Sana

Urdu Poetry: Forum Walon Ke Naam

Post: 9
view: 37820
cherry Saturday, 19th January 2008, 4:19pm
by Hangama

Urdu Poetry: Khwahish-e-Natamam

Post: 12
view: 38880
Snowflakes Monday, 20th August 2007, 11:41pm

Poetry: Ahmad Faraz

Post: 3
view: 38381
josh Saturday, 19th January 2008, 11:38pm
by Bewaqoof

Urdu Poetry: Wohi Raat Hai Aur Wohi Tanhai

Post: 3
view: 39453
ashy Tuesday, 21st August 2007, 4:54pm
by josh

Urdu Poetry: Dukh Ki Baat

Post: 6
view: 38228
Snowflakes Monday, 27th August 2007, 6:50am
by josh

Urdu Poetry: Unka Liya Jo Sardi Sai Dartain Hain

Post: 3
view: 38553
Hangama Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 11:47pm
by Bewaqoof

Urdu Poetry: Lava

Post: 2
view: 37250
farzaan Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 11:41pm
by Bewaqoof

Urdu Poetry: Balighaon Ki Poetry

Post: 4
view: 37695
mazedar Friday, 7th March 2008, 11:31pm
by mazedar

Dedicate To My Favorite Member

Post: 98
view: 55235
sunehri76 Friday, 6th July 2012, 3:26pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Alawada Mah-e-Ramzaan

Post: 2
view: 37100
saahilbhai Tuesday, 30th September 2008, 10:06am
by sunny007

Eid Poetry

Post: 4
view: 37124
civilengr Friday, 3rd October 2008, 3:35pm
by Maryam

Urdu Poetry: Dam Ha Kya?

Post: 25
view: 42075
civilengr Thursday, 12th February 2009, 2:04pm
by civilengr

Asey Chup Haien Key Yeah Manzil Bhi Khari Ho Jasey

Post: 37
view: 39927
saim1 Sunday, 9th November 2008, 9:22am
by sunny007

Urdu Poetry: Dedicate To My Father

Post: 6
view: 51362
sunny007 Sunday, 12th October 2008, 10:00am
by sunny007

Urdu Poetry: Sach Ye Hai Magar Dil Manta Nahi

Post: 38
view: 49809
sunehri76 Tuesday, 30th December 2008, 6:03pm
by azzi

Poetry: Na Neend Rehi Na Chain Raha

Post: 175
view: 60964
Veer Saturday, 5th September 2009, 5:25am
by saim1

Meri Zindagi Kha Sy Shoro Kha Py Khatam...

Post: 9
view: 37873
kim84 Wednesday, 23rd November 2011, 7:55pm
by bhanjacute

Urdu poetry Collection By Sonal Pari

Post: 94
view: 52900
Sonal Friday, 24th July 2009, 9:46pm
by Sonal

Bait Baazi

Post: 146
view: 57051
Sonal Wednesday, 22nd July 2009, 2:53am
by s4u

Meri Chahat: Urdu Poetry

Post: 28
view: 57532
sunehri76 Sunday, 16th August 2009, 1:05pm
by naamshahid

Dua: Poetry Collection By Sonal

Post: 14
view: 38240
Sonal Sunday, 17th May 2009, 10:54am
by misha_ch

Romantic/Love Poetry Collection By Sonal

Post: 32
view: 43272
Sonal Sunday, 17th May 2009, 10:23am
by misha_ch

Poetry By Sufi

Post: 2
view: 37769
Sonal Sunday, 17th May 2009, 7:27am
by Sonal

Missing Some One

Post: 20
view: 37923
Sonal Wednesday, 23rd November 2011, 7:36pm
by bhanjacute

Ik Shaks Ko Dekha Tha: Urdu Ghazal

Post: 21
view: 40600
Sonal Thursday, 11th June 2009, 5:34pm
by chaman0078

Dedicate Your Poetry Here For Someone

Post: 9
view: 37911
Sonal Tuesday, 22nd November 2011, 8:56pm
by bhanjacute

Show.Her & Be.We: Interesting And Entertaining Poetry

Post: 8
view: 37161
myrizvi Sunday, 21st June 2009, 11:20pm
by hamzi

Ek Roz To Jana Pade Ga

Post: 13
view: 37548
paroot Friday, 26th June 2009, 11:17pm
by MissAjnabi

Urdu Poetry:Uljano Ki Basti Mein

Post: 5
view: 37289
H/dr_Qasim Thursday, 2nd July 2009, 2:13pm
by paroot

Urdu Sad Poetry In Roman Urdu And Hindi

Post: 7
view: 55303
Bewaqoof Saturday, 11th September 2010, 8:08am
by Battery

Sad Poetry By Wasi Shah

Post: 13
view: 161886
Bewaqoof Sunday, 22nd August 2010, 4:38pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Poetry Of Ahmed Faraz - Best Sad Romantic & Funny In Urdu And English

Post: 15
view: 195277
Bewaqoof Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 4:12pm
by H/dr_Qasim

Aao Thoda Sa Muskuraen

Post: 14
view: 37261
atiqueje Friday, 17th July 2009, 5:58pm
by Shaajar_99

Dostana Shairi

Post: 38
view: 52760
Be Happy Wednesday, 23rd September 2009, 6:33am
by Be Happy

My Beautiful Collection- Poetry

Post: 7
view: 38761
Lionidus Saturday, 8th August 2009, 5:54pm
by khayali

Poetry:Tammna Na Kro

Post: 5
view: 37419
multani sh Saturday, 29th August 2009, 6:47pm
by khayali

Jagaa Jee Lagane Ki Dunya Nahi Hai

Post: 7
view: 38222
paroot Tuesday, 8th December 2009, 2:20am
by s4u
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